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About Us

An Organization designed to help girls feel good about who they are and what they can achieve...

A Girl's Gift, Inc.

Each of our seminars targets one of our specific purpose areas:

A Girl’s Gift of Entrepreneurship – We want our Girls to know they are capable of fostering an idea and growing that idea into a lucrative business. But if Girls never meet women who’ve done it, how can they learn to do it themselves?  We will introduce them to a local female entrepreneur whose heart, hard work and determination has led her to becoming a successful business owner.  This set of seminars will also begin to teach Girls the basic steps of a business plan.


A Girl’s Gift of Education - This set of workshops encompasses the education purpose of A Girl’s Gift Inc.  They cover teaching Girls effective study habits, exposing Girls to science, math and technology-related fields, financial literacy, self-defense and ways to combat bullying.


A Girl’s Gift of Mentorship - This set of workshops encompasses the mentorship purpose of A Girl’s Gift Inc.  The girls will meet positive female role models from our community.  That role model's job is to shepherd their protégé – teaching her what it takes to have a successful career.  These workshops also cover:  Healthy relationships and self-esteem building.


A Girl’s Gift of Community Service - Girls will participate in a community service project.  We want our Girls to learn the importance of giving back.


A Girl’s Gift of Goal Setting – Each Girl’s Gift participant will receive her own Dream Board.  There are three purposes for the Dream Board:  (1) Examine talents and passion already present or identify the ones our participants desire to learn or cultivate; (2) Create positive, self-awareness, and (3) Design a Dream Board that houses internal hopes, dreams and plans.  We will talk openly about Dream Boards in each session.

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